A Parable of Austerity

Colin Turnbull’s
Mountain People (the Ik
of northern Uganda)

responded to the drought that killed their cattle
by abandoning their aged
in the bush to be eaten by animals.

Would Schäuble accept this from the Greeks
as pension reform? Would he require,
the youth having no prospect of work,

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(to the sound of Greek bagpipes)

Today, the Greek Government
executed by firing squad
1000 pensioners, along
with 2000 workers, as part
of a package of financial
reforms, to reassure
the markets and permit
the Troika to release one
more tranche of the bail-out.

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Funk Rap

To create, so I read, a sense of futility
in uncooperative detainees,
the damned souls of Gitmo are played
non-stop Britney Spears.

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In the Planetary Ballet

Tycho Brahe’s model of the universe
had all the planets (except earth)
revolving round the sun, while the sun,
with its planets in tow, revolved
around earth. So he kept the Jesuites
happy, and preserved his name
as a scientist. But this was no time-server,

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